Chasing Society

The name of my blog used to be "Chasing Society," which comes from my adventures in military wife life. I feel like a dog chasing its tail. Being a sociologist, I figure I'm chasing society. Neither the dog or me have a very good chance of catching what we're going for in the chase, yet we can't stop! And, though I get frustrated often, I bet it's really funny from the outside looking in. I later changed the name to Moon-Flavored Ice Cream, which comes from the title of this post, summing up some awesome memories of two of my favorite inanimate things.

Here are 25 highlights of my society chasing...

1.  I married my high school sweetheart, but we took a 4-year break between high school and marriage.  He's a Marine.

2.  I love, I mean L-O-V-E my dogs.

3.  My daughter makes my world spin.  Love doesn't begin to explain parenthood for me.

4.  I have a PhD in sociology/criminology.

5.  I teach college.  It is a very rewarding experience.

6.  I love music.  Jimmy Buffett is my favorite, second only to my dad who is the best guitar player/singer on earth.  My childhood was surrounded by music.

7.  I want to be a for-real runner. 

8.  I am an only child.  So is my daughter--even though we take a lot of heat for that decision.

9.  I hate deployments.

10.  I love homecomings.

11.  I don't think I even started to "grow up" until I entered Marine Corps life at age 22.

12.  My husband joined the Marine Corps at age 17.  He became a commissioned officer at age 26.  He's sort of my hero.  ;)

13.  I'm superstitious, but not in a creepy way.

14.  I love to laugh.

15.  I have a love-hate relationship with the USMC.  I love that my husband has an amazing career, I REALLY love all of the people I have met and opportunities I have had along the way.  But I hate that it must always run my life.  I'm dealing, though.