Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Will run for ice cream

Wow!  This past year has been another whirlwind.  I just signed on to my blog so I could follow a friend's blog and…I totally forgot I was going to start chronicling my racing journey!  Ha!

Well, in the past nearly year since I've visited this little site, I have kept running.  (Other than healing time for a few injuries, one which landed me in a cast and another that now requires me to wear more specialized orthotic inserts.)  Despite the fact that I now have a podiatrist, I am faster and stronger than I have ever been...but I still continue to worry about everything.  Thank goodness running is my medicine!

In keeping with the ongoing theme of the blog…ICE CREAM…I would just like to say that running makes me feel less guilty about indulging in an occasional sundae, warm apple pie with a scoop of vanilla, or huge bowl of Moose Tracks in my comfy pants on my couch.  And, maybe I'll be back here more often with my continued adventures of running.  I just finished my first race of the season (Sweethearts 4-ever 4-miler in Fredericksburg).  I came in at 35:02 (a bit faster than last year, but not much)…117 of 323 total runners, 37 out of 168 female runners, and 8 out of 27 in the women's 30-34 division.  In the couple's division, Buzz and I were 15/44…he finished in 31:13, helping our average out a bit.  :)  In a fit of stupidity, I have registered for the Blue Ridge Half Marathon…where I get to run up TWO mountains.  Should be interesting…  Also hoping to complete the Historic Half again, along with a few additional races this year.  So, stay tuned…perhaps I will chronicle my misadventures, foot pain, and hopefully triumphs over the miles of pavement.  Either way, you are likely to find me in some comfy pants enjoying a bowl of ice cream.  :)
November 2013, my first run after a 6-week recovery from a partially ruptured foot tendon