Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sampson!

Today is Sam-the-Man's 7th birthday. Like I have said many times before, he has been with me through SO many changes and ups and downs in my life. Over this past year, I have really been concerned as to whether or not he would make it to this day. I am so thankful he did. People who don't have pets still continue to think I am crazy and ask me why or how I do it. I don't have an answer I can put into words...all I can say is that is long as we are able and he is still fighting, I don't think I have another choice. It's been a long, expensive journey but I am glad we have pulled through. I have no doubt that the journey ahead of us will hold many new challenges (I am speaking about him AND me) but I hope HE will be there to help pull ME through life's ups and downs for many more years to come. I am thankful for every happy, healthy day he gives us. I know today is a milestone we are celebrating. I hope the road ahead IS long, though I do hope it is at least relatively less expensive! Nothing makes me smile quite like the Sampson kidney bean dance. :)

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