Friday, May 13, 2011

5 Minute Friday: Deep Breath

This is my first link-up with

and what a perfect prompt for me in the here and now:  Deep Breath.

I have often blogged about my deep breaths (i.e. here and here...and a little bit here), so I am happy to... ready, set, go for 5 minutes on the phrase.

Right now, I am attempting to study for an upcoming comprehensive exam which determines whether or not I even have the potential to finish this PhD before Buzz's career pulls us away from here.  (Deep Breath)  I know it was a lofty goal to finish the program in 3 years, but I really want to, think I can, am trying to do it.  (Deep Breath)

But life, especially military wife life, throws us curve does does does PhD does the weather.  (Deep Breath)

So, I might NOT finish in 3 years.  (Deep Breath)

I might be writing my dissertation away from this place and draw this portion of this adventure out even further.  (Deep Breath)

And what makes it all the more difficult, is when those around me are struggling, too.  Like my mom, struggling to walk and be independent again.  Like my dad, whose life was turned upside down by heart surgery.  Like my 89 year old grandmother, whose amazing life continues to open new chapters for her--for us.  Like my aging dog--my best friend with 4 legs.  Like my husband, who is up to his ears with responsibility, too.  We took some collective deep breaths attempting to plan our mostly-unplanable-until-the-Marine-Corps-tells-us-what-to-do future this week.  (Deep Breath)

But all that that we are here and blessed to take those deep breaths to get us through that day, that minute, that second...together. (Deep Breath)


  1. Praying that you have the stamina to finish your PhD before you move from your current locale! :) I was doing good to graduate with my Bachelors, while trying to be a wife and mom.....Kudos friend!

    Stopping by from Five Minute Friday!


  2. Wow, you're more brave than me! I'm sitting here debating whether to try, once again, to complete my Bachelor's degree and here you are working on a PhD with a Marine hubby. Kudos to you! You're in my prayers.

    Thanks for following my blog. :)