Monday, May 2, 2011

Lost/Wanted Poster

LOST:  My Schedule

May be found under the name
of its alter-ego, Routine.

Enemy of sleep deprivation, higher-than-usual anxiety,
and procrastination, brought about by
family issues
(including parental surgeries, husband's job responsibilities, and 5-year-olds),
tv, big news, movies, good music,
the potential to hang out with friends, Facebook,
planting flowers, playing with the dogs, blogging,
picking up pieces of siding out of the yard after a hail storm,
and anything else that can tear one away
from her
required school work.

Last seen, uh, a while ago.

Needed immediately in order to ensure proper bedtimes,
mornings (afternoons and evenings) without meltdowns,
completion of papers, completion of mandatory grading,
and successful studying for (and hopefully passing of) comp exams...
and preparing for (and hopefully passing of) one dissertation proposal.

If found, please return. 

I'm sorry,
but no reward can be issued
other than the return of what sanity I HAD left
before the disappearance.

Thank you.

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