Sunday, February 28, 2010

Best day of my life?

Four years ago, I was in labor. I had absolutely no idea how much my life was getting ready to change...or how much I could love another person.

I can't believe four years have come and gone. Through deployments, dogs, new jobs, school, and all that came in between, I have made it through with my partner in crime--my daughter. :) She helped me finish my thesis and my master's degree. She gave me a reason to get up in the morning (even if it was earlier than I would have liked) when Buzz was on the other side of the world in a war zone. She made me laugh and gave me a hug when I needed it most.

I am working to resist the urge to tell her every little detail of what happened on this day (this minute) four years ago. (I DO remember every detail.) But I will be up at 9:08 in the morning--recalling what some would call the best moment of their lives. Everyone says that..."The day my baby was born was the best day of my life." But I beg to differ--That WAS the best day of my life at that moment. In all reality, that was when my life started. Every day since has been better, because it has been another day to grow with her. Every day marks the new best day of my life. I look forward to opening presents and talking about THE birthday, but in my heart it is so much more. Mommies know what I am talking about. And my baby girl will day. But for now I will crown myself the proudest woman on earth on THIS day--and I will celebrate with gifts, too much sugar, and Hannah Montana decor--because that's what SHE wants. And SHE is what makes my world go 'round.

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