Monday, February 22, 2010

She's all mine!

I can't believe my little girl--my baby--is getting ready to turn 4. In some ways the time has flown yet I can't remember what life was like without her. She's my whole world. But back to her birthday...I have been shopping for gifts for weeks. I have a bit of a problem over-shopping for her. My wardrobe is outdated and I don't get new "gadgets" and such. But my daughter is dressed to impress and has more "stuff" than we know what to do with. It's an addiction.

I remember her first holiday--Easter. I was so new to motherhood and lost in a cloud of exhaustion and love. But when I realized I got to shop for this little part of me, well, the rest is history. That was my first shopping spree for someone other than myself. It was amazing--and it continues to be. I'm a frugal (cheap) shopper so I don't go over the top in cost, just over the top in stuff. Shopping for her has been therapeutic for me during all of the deployments in addition to the fun and escape it provides during "normal times." I think this is a disorder. :) But it's fun! I am able to get lost in her world--which is much better than the world out here that we all live in.

Anyway, I still feel like I am living a dream. My amazing little girl is growing up--which means her clothes and toys get bigger (and cost more even when you do shop cheap). Sometimes I question whether or not I am spoiling her. I don't think so--I hope not. She's got the biggest heart of anyone I know. I like to think I played a big part in that. So I will keep on shoppin'. Why? Because I want to. Because it's fun. Because she's all mine...since she's a part of me, I figure I can continue to sport last years' threads as long as she keeps lookin' fine. :)

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