Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can't no body take my pride--No hail gonna hold us down, oh no!

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I had already picked out this song in honor of my mom. She had her double knee replacement two days ago. She's one tough cookie! This is another one of my favorite songs for many reasons. It has brought me through deployments and trials of grad school. Beyond the metaphorical sense, however, I think it is quite appropriate for my mom in the physical sense--as she struggles to stand and move on to a better life.

BUT, now this has another meaning. First of all, my heart goes out to all of the people devastated by last night's storms. The people in Alabama, in particular. My family is so lucky that we are dealing with headaches--instead of heartaches. In the midst of a very stressful time (including mom mom's surgery, a stupid sinus infection and the end of another semester) we were touched by this devastating storm. Again, we're the lucky ones...

 Our siding
 Hail in K's hand--an hour after the storm
 More (or less) of our siding
Hood of Buzz's car
My windshield
 Our driveway
 Our street
 Hail (last night)
 More hail (last night)
Our first step outside after the storm last night...steamy with a strange smell--very creepy

So, in pursuit of putting back the pieces to our possessions (which I am so very thankful that's all we have to do) in the midst of an already stressful honor of my amazing honor of the people who are dealing with so much more than we are from this natural disaster...and for anyone who needs a pep talk, the words of this song ring clear and true.  STAND!

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  1. Wow! I cannot believe all of devastation the hail caused where you live! Hang in there! I hope your able to get things put back to normal soon. I am also sorry to hear about your mom's surgery, but hopefully this will be what she needs to feel better. Hang in there! I think if I were there I would give you a hug, so a bloggy hug will have too do. *big hug*

    I really needed this song. Thanks for sharing.

  2. WOW !!! what a storm !! Its been ripping the east coast to shreds for sure ! I live in NY and we have had MAJOR flooding and hail and Tornadoes ( all abnormal for my town) I can't believe all this storm stuff !!! wow Praying for you all and everyone else effected by theses terrible storms.

    Semper Fi, Amber joy !!

    LOVE this song as well !

  3. WOW! I'm glad you and your family are doing okay. Nice pick on the song...

  4. Despite the tragedy, is it ok if I compliment your attitude and your pictures of the event? I really like reading your blog.